The Waterfronter

Tim Baker

Finance Professional

Old Greenwich, CT

A Greenwich native, Tim hasn’t drifted far from home port. Sparing a sojourn abroad, he’s resided in Riverside or Old Greenwich his entire life and been a member of Riverside Yacht Club most of that time.

Bell Island

Rowayton, CT

There’s a calmness, a freedom you don’t find anywhere else. Being on the water is the only place I ever want to be.

Rye, NY

I don’t think you can quantify and put a price on what living near the water does—it just changes you.

Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse

Tarrytown Light-Kingsland Point Path, Sleepy Hollow, NY

Island Beach Ferry

Greenwich, CT

To Tim, the farther you go on the water only brings you closer. A recent cross-town move brought he, his wife and two children just two houses from shore. Through summer, he and a friend often commute to work in his 25’ center console. Arriving home, the Bakers walk the neighborhood as a family, catching sunsets on the beach at the end of their road.

100 Harbor Drive, Greenwich, CT

The kids learn so much being exposed to the water. Nothing makes me happier than to share that time with them.

Tim’s two children can spend 10-12 hours a day outside, something he believes opens their world in a truly profound way. His daughter was paddleboarding by age four. Boating, fishing, swimming or simply playing in the sand strengthens their family bond, and it’s hard for Baker to imagine life any other way.

Tod’s Point Beach

Greenwich, CT

Manor Park

Larchmont, NY