The Locavore

Deanna Mancuso

Modern Farmer

Millbrook, NY

Farm to table might seem like a recent trend, but for Deanna Mancuso there was never a long distance between field and fork. Leaving the Bronx as a teenager, she knew the Hudson Valley was the place to be when she leased her first farm at the age of 21.

Farming isn’t a job, it’s a way of life. You don’t shut your computer and go home—a loose cow doesn’t care it’s after 5pm.

Tilly Foster Farm Museum

100 NY-312, Brewster, NY

In our family, going out to eat generally means heading to the farm to find what you’ll cook at home.

Hitsman’s Farm Fresh Produce

11 Upton Road, Lagrangeville, NY

Deanna is an avid supporter of Monte’s Local Kitchen, the popular Amenia farm-to-table eatery that’s a direct descendant of its namesake century-old red sauce stalwart on Brooklyn’s Carroll Street. She does extensive work with Hahn Farm, a hardly seasonal operation growing a crop for every season.

630 Bedford Road, Pocantico Hills, NY

It’s a lifestyle that teaches commitment, responsibility, conservation and real appreciation. Sometimes you have to look backward to move forward.

She believes the return to simple, authentic living has bestowed invaluable life skills upon her two children, who are growing up with renewed mindfulness. Mancuso and friends also operate Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue, a Dover Plains sanctuary offering struggling equines care and unlikely new careers: as therapists.

3330 NY-343, Amenia, NY

7801 S Main St, Pine Plains, NY