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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    The first known fully-automated tool of its kind in real estate, InstaStat taps into market data for local communities we serve throughout Westchester, Connecticut in the Hudson Valley. With just a few clicks, agents can generate accurate and engaging bite-sized snapshots relevant to their markets backed by verified numbers, optimized for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels. They can even customize the graphic for a unique look that best fits their personal brand, choosing from a variety of backgrounds in line with the company’s lifestyle-focused marketing approach.

    “We want our agents to easily share our data with their contacts across every platform,” said Anne Marie Gianutsos, our Chief Marketing Officer. “We already provided industry-leading market reports on digital and print mediums, but it was challenging to translate the data for social media in a seamless way. We’re thrilled to empower our team with this new, exciting resource to grow their business and build their brand.”

    The rollout solves an industry-wide need for brokerages to not only quickly place accurate market data directly in the hands of agents, but do so in an interesting, consumer-friendly fashion that stands out amidst the noise of today’s saturated marketing landscape. InstaStat streamlines a previously arduous process mired in design rounds and data checks.

    "We’re thrilled to empower our team with this new, exciting resource to grow their business and build their brand."

    Proprietary for Houlihan Lawrence in our marketplace, the product was developed in partnership with Deluxe Branded Marketing, a dynamic integrated platform offering a breadth of digital and print solutions for brokerages nationwide.

    “Creating effective and easy to use solutions for agents to connect the right message, to the right people, at the right time is our primary focus. It is exciting when that vision aligns with our partners and we are able to collaborate to create tools that position the agent as a trusted advisor,” says Brian Wildermuth, Sr. Vice President of Real Estate at Deluxe. “Seeing agents engaged speaks to their desire to be seen as an expert in their local market. InstaStat makes it easy for them to be seen as such.”

    “As the market leader, we have the most accurate and in-depth data of any brokerage in our area,” added Erin Murray, Product Manager at Houlihan Lawrence. “This is just the latest way we’re packaging our unrivaled insights for agents to guide their clients in informed decision-making.”