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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    We are pleased to announce that over 110 Houlihan Lawrence agents and teams have been ranked as part of RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals, placing them among the most successful sales associates in the industry.

    The America’s Best Real Estate Professionals is a nationwide list by Real Trends and Tom Ferry, honoring over 23,000 top real estate associates state by state. To be included, agents must have closed at least 40 residential transactions or $16 million in closed sales volume in 2022. Teams must have closed 60 residential transactions or $24 million in closed sales volume in 2022. All production numbers are independently verified by a third party to ensure accuracy and report integrity.

    “We are thrilled to join our elite agents in celebrating this well-deserved recognition,” said Liz Nunan, President and CEO of Houlihan Lawrence. “Our agents continue to set the bar for real estate excellence in our communities north of NYC. We are proud to be in with the best.”

    Below is a list of the agents and teams recognized. For additional information on RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals, visit


    Agents by Volume

    Pollena Forsman

    Ellen Mosher

    Chrissy Hazelton

    Angela Kessel

    Amanda Miller

    Julie Church

    BK Bates

    Lisa Murphy

    Amanda Spatola

    Kathleen Collins

    Amy Singer

    Nancy Kennedy

    Janine Tienken

    Debbie Needle

    Kristy de la Sierra

    Joanne Mancuso

    Maria Crowley

    Susan Kelty Law

    Cini Palmer

    Spencer Sodokoff

    Susan Greenberg

    Joan Frederick

    Cathy DeVore

    Oliver Brown

    Hillary Emmerman

    Harriet Libov

    Holly Hurd

    Cindy Schwall

    Megan McSherry

    Melissa Carlton

    Lindsay Clauss Sheehy

    Sherry Wiggs

    Katie McLoughlin

    Tianying Xu

    Susan Strawgate Code

    Taylor Tait

    Lindsay Matthews

    Doug Milne

    Andrea Martone

    Jocelyn Hall Burton

    Libby Mattson

    Cathy Thomas

    Gila Lewis

    Sheila Clemente

    Suzan Zeolla

    Barbie Haynes

    Kelly Kraus

    Sue O’Brien

    Amanda Bates

    Lisa DeFonce

    Carolyn Petersen

    Douglas Dill

    MK O’Shaughnessy

    Michele Tesei

    Jennifer Marsh

    April Monaco

    Barbara Wells

    Gideon Fountain

    Allison Block

    Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

    Blake Delany

    Alicja Bohmrich

    Caroline Hanley

    Joseph Briggs

    Leslie Corcoran

    Jane Basham

    Kyung Ja Scalia

    Joanne Shapse

    Laura Redican

    Stacey Kornfeld

    Michael Levinson

    Michele Murray Sloan

    Anthony D’Argenzio

    Kyle Neumann

    Kathleen Ann Reed

    Sheree Frank

    Leslie Dorf

    Julie Lowe

    Roseanna Tedone

    John Doherty

    David Calabrese

    Deborah Valentino

    Andrew Korb

    Elsa Case

    Noah Finz

    Robert Neumann

    Molly Fewster

    Arthur Scinta

    Ariana O’Malley

    Michael Criscuolo

    Cory Neumann

    Susan Bragg

    Jennifer Amicucci


    Teams by Volume

    The Laura Miller Team

    The Metalios Team

    The Joan O’Meara Team

    The Chip & Heather Team

    The Gino Bello Team

    The Beinfield Team

    The Mulvey Team

    The Jones Ferrante Team

    The John Kincart Team

    The McElwee Team

    The Blackwell Team

    The Tishelman/Joy Team

    The Blanchet Poellot Team

    The Turnkey Team

    The Glasser Lipton Team

    The Tony Murphy Team

    The French Carpenter Team

    The Lerner Simon Team

    The Lisa Bela Team