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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression!” So, if you’re thinking about selling, take a spin around the neighborhood and approach your home with fresh eyes. Imagine what homebuyers might focus on when they first arrive. Here are a handful of inspiring examples.

    Perfectly Provençal

    A long driveway leads to this charming parking court in Bedford Hills. You can’t miss the cheerful red doors that beckon you to enter the 7,500-square-foot, European-inspired home.

    550 HArris

    Rural Idyll

    From the open gates to the rocking chairs on the porch, everything about this view of the original Keeler Farmhouse in North Salem says “welcome home!”

    119 keeler

    Attention to Detail

    The entrance to this 6,606-square-foot, stone and shingle home in Pound Ridge is accented by sophisticated architectural detail and meticulous landscaping, suggesting to homebuyers that this is an upscale, well-tended home.


    Country Comfort

    Anchoring your front entrance with seating, as the homeowners did at this 8,000-square-foot colonial farmhouse in North Salem, lets visitors know this is a home where people like to gather. And the stars and stripes add an all-American, patriotic touch.

    10 LittleMountain

    Waterfront Welcome

    Don’t forget about the back entrance!  Just because most of your guests and potential homebuyers arrive by car to enter through the front door, with a fabulous property to explore, they’ll surely be approaching your home from all directions. The pretty dock that leads to this Blue Heron Lake modern estate compels sailors and paddlers to come take a look!