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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

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    Demand for walkable communities has never been higher. While some buyers look for privacy, a record number of newcomers from Manhattan and Brooklyn seek village living where they can see and interact with their neighbors but still enjoy their own backyard or garden.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 1.40.22 PMWhile Katonah, one of three Bedford hamlets, boasts expansive private properties, it is perhaps best known for its vintage village vibe where sidewalks lead from residential areas chock full of charming Victorians to school, parks, village shopping, and the train station.

    If you like the urban experience of eschewing car dependence and staying physically active while belonging to a neighborhood where the shop owners and restaurateurs recognize you when you pop in, Katonah offers all that plus fresh air!

    Commuters love to stop by Tazza or Little Joe’s for a cup of coffee en route to the Metro-North station for an easy 70-minute ride to Grand Central. Indie shops sell everything from books to jewelry, clothing, and home goods, while eateries draw both locals and residents of nearby towns with their good cooking. In fact, you can take care of most of your daily errands in Katonah without getting in your car. Need to stop by the pharmacy, market, dry cleaners, deli, gift shop, bank, pet groomer, or fitness studio? Grab your reusable shopping bag and walk or bike to these businesses. At day’s end, you can even take a seat outside at Blue Dolphin, The Whitlock, or KR Café for an al fresco cocktail.

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    Research shows that buyers are looking for towns with lively town centers, and Katonah does not disappoint. Known for its community spirit, Katonah goes all out for Halloween (the Halloween walk is an annual must if you have children or dogs who like to wear costumes), the Katonah Fire Department Parade and Carnival (coming up June 6), and the winter holidays

    Have a hankering to be right in the heart of northern Westchester’s ideal walkable village? Take a look at this Victorian gem that offers nearby walkable destinations. From here, you can lace up your walking shoes and head one block to the library, three blocks to the train, and just down the street to the carnival, or simply slip off your shoes, grab a book and a cup of coffee, head out back to the private terrace and relax. Better yet, hang out on the front porch and watch the world go by


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