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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    If a handful of recent Private Brokerage listings is any indication, it seems springing for an in-ground trampoline may be the latest essential in luxury family living. Not unlike swimming pools, these installations deliver the full dose of fun without marring the landscape ala above-ground alternatives—not to mention less height to fall from when bouncing offside after a sugar high or "babyccino."

    80 Big Elm Road, Brewster

    Some Google research on the subject yielded this Houzz ideabook on the subject, showing stylish setups paired perfectly with playhouses to putting greens to culvert-looking "tunnel things" (the next trend?)  Our listing at 17 Meadow Way, Irvington is a perfect example of how these trampolines can blend seamlessly with other recreational elements.

    We'll definitely need to post Florida Cypress-sided lake house at 80 Big Elm Road, Brewster with Instagram hashtag #ingroundtrampoline, which not only exists but has 400+ posts.  Note they're even fun for adults, as demonstrated by an Instagram user below.  Clearly a role model we can all aspire to.  Be sure to follow us @houlihanlawrence to see any victims/champions we may or may not demonstrate this unique amenity personally at either of the aforementioned listings.

    An adulthood we can all aspire to. @j_p_morris (Instagram)

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