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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    If life is a riding lane, you’re going to ride it. (That’s our song, and we’re sticking to it).

    Horse culture has longstanding roots north of NYC, stretching from Bedford and backcountry Greenwich through North Salem, Millbrook and beyond through Dutchess and Columbia counties. Whether you winter in Wellington or consider yourself a casual enthusiast, you’ll find yourself right at home.


    Westchester alone boasts 120 miles of bridle paths, including the legendary Bedford Lanes. Old Salem Farm hosts the American Gold Cup, an annual competition drawing the best riders from around the world. Further north, Fitch’s Corner holds a three-day trial each summer for dressage, endurance and show jumping.


    Complementing world-class riding facilities are vast expanses of hunt country, where centuries-old traditions thrive, ending with celebratory libations at the legendary Blazer Pub. Equestrian boutiques like RIDE outfit professional and amateur riders alike. At day’s end, many a rider retreats to One Twenty One, gathering around the fireplace or marble bar before a seasonal locavore dinner.

    The equestrian zeitgest attracts even those who might never have mounted. Dirt roads, rolling scenery and rustic elegance simply harken to a slower time, casting a magical spell on a place so close in distance yet far in mind from the concrete jungle.

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