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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    Bigger isn't better when it comes to your home's carbon footprint. Just as we've championed the Tudor suburb and gilded Hudson River manse, the communities north of New York City are also all-star trailblazers in sustainable home design. Take, for example, 70 years ago, when a collective of upwardly mobile Manhattanites mustered modernist master Frank Lloyd Wright to construct Usonia, a progressive group of residences in the Westchester town of Mount Pleasant utilizing native materials, no shortage of natural light and the architect's signature cantilevered overhangs to integrate passive solar principles for heating and cooling. With no shortage of natural beauty surrounding us in Westchester, Fairfield and the Hudson Valley, an increasing number of homes in our area—new and old alike—are implementing the freshest features to be better neighbors with the environment. Here are some eco-conscious listings currently on the market:

    STAATSBURG Old Stone Farm | $8,750,000

    A melange of modern and antique structures evocative of an early-19th century Colonial village, Old Stone Farm might be best described aesthetically as "Brooklyn in a barn." Fittingly, the property employs state-of-the-art green technologies to help it coexist peacefully with the countryside surrounding it, including geothermal heating and cooling and enough solar panels to power every building on the 236.7 acre property—from the c.1768 Pennsylvania stone main residence to the lofty 21st century yoga barn. Currently configured as an inn and equestrian retreat, it can easily revert to an idyllic country retreat, just a scenic drive or train ride from the city.

    oldstone5  oldstone6  oldstone8
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    POUND RIDGE | 79 Indian Hill Road | $1,575,000

    If houses had an organic label, this one would quality. BluHomes is a leader in cutting edge sustainable homes built with proven, modular construction methods, engineered not only to be energy-efficient but even take extreme weather events (like the winter we just had) with stride. This Pound Ridge project boasts fifty shades of green and then some, from high-ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows to the latest in energy-efficient hardware. This "Breezehouse," along with the neighboring BluHomes project we've also listed , can be outfitted with sleek custom finishes to the buyer's specification.

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    GOLDEN'S BRIDGE | Falcon Ridge | $1,499,000 and up

    In a nod to nature, Boniello Development Co. is now offering geothermal packages at any of their three currently-in-development communities: Falcon Ridge in Goldens Bridge, along with Pines Bridge Manor and Wooded Acres in Somers. Developers are sometimes slow to adopt costlier new technologies, but it's little surprise from a team that's cemented its reputation one of Westchester's premier builders.

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    COLD SPRING | 53 Half Moon Ridge | $2,750,000

    Perched high above the river abutting Hudson Highlands State Park, this architecturally stunning Cold Spring home weaves wood, stone and glass into an invitation for nature's unobtrusive entry into every room. Full-pane windows frame breathtaking vistas outwards towards West Point and Storm King Mountain, allowing the zen-like interiors to bask in natural sunlight that never accrues a billing cycle. Geothermal heating and cooling further augments its mindfulness.

    53 Half Moon Ridge

    WAPPINGERS FALLS | 423 Sheafe Road | $580,000

    It's easy to stereotype historic homes as helpless energy hogs, but with the right retrofits they can become BFFs with Mother Nature as well as any millennial counterpart. This meticulously restored 1872 farmhouse in Wappingers Falls was recently optimized with a solar installation, and all appliances and interiors have all been strikingly refreshed. A beautifully landscaped yard with pool, gazebo, potter's shed and more makes it perfect for anyone who loves spending time outside.

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