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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    Rye PlaylandLife-long residents of Rye, New York, have often said “Who needs to go on vacation when you live in this beautiful town”.  And they are right.

    A  leisurely day in Rye, situated along the Long Island Sound, in Westchester County can truly mimic a faraway place filled with sandy beaches, great restaurants, eclectic and sophisticated retail stores, golf, tennis, nature walks, and historical sites.

    Our vacationers start their day on Purchase Street, Rye’s main shopping district and pick up the morning papers at the Rye Smoke Shoppe. The have breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien (same as those in NYC) and chat with others at the communal table. A few steps off Purchase Street is the Rye YMCA, where she takes a Pilates class and he works out in the state-of-the-art-fitness center. The next stop is a visit to the Rye Historical Society, where they view artifacts that describe life in Rye dating back to 1660.

    While on Purchase Street, they shop at Plaza Too, Arcade Bookstore, and Woodrow Jeweler and pick up a few trinkets to remember the day. A quick lunch at Rubys’ Oyster Bar, where the cheese fondue is sublime, fuels our vacationers’ afternoon activities.

    The sand and surf of Oakland Beach beckon our vacationers as they dig their toes into the sand, mesmerized by the sparking water of Long Island Sound. Adjacent to Oakland Beach is Playland Amusement Park and its infamous Dragon Coaster, which is oldest all-wood roller coaster in the country. The late afternoon sky offers a choice between an early round of cocktails at Seaside Johnnies or a late round of golf at Rye Golf Club, a city owned golf course and pool. (Which would you choose?)

    Our vacationers’ day winds down at The Rye Grill and Bar, where friends enjoy it’s convivial atmosphere and something-for-everyone menu.  Filled to the brim with sun, sand, great food and happy memories, our vacationers stroll to their Rye residence, pleased that stay-cation has finally become a real word.