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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by
    List now or wait

    I’ve been asked a few times recently whether I thought it was worth it for someone to list their home now as opposed to waiting until after the New Year. I’m reminded of my own experience when I relocated to New York nearly 15 years ago.  I was hired by Houlihan Lawrence and my start date was January 2nd. I listed my home for sale in Annapolis, Maryland three weeks before Christmas. I didn’t think there would be any activity until after the New Year. In fact, I almost waited until after the first of the year to put my home on the market. Good thing I didn’t. 

    Serious buyers in December

    There were showings almost immediately. That’s when I realized that anyone looking at homes in the last few weeks of the year, is likely a serious buyer. I was in the middle of negotiations when I started on the 2nd and I closed on February 28th. Of course it was a different market – a different time and place. But I’ve often wondered, had I gone with my initial plan of not listing my home until after the New Year, those buyers may never have seen my house. They may have decided on something else based on their timeframe before my house was ever for sale.

    Fear not

    So, If you’re one of the many sellers who’ve just put their home on the market and you’re second guessing your decision, fear not. There are buyers that need to buy now. Everyone’s circumstances are different. Just don’t go too crazy with the Holiday decorating.

    Have you had an experience, good or bad, in selling or buying during the Holidays? Feel free to share with us in the comments section.