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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    In today's marketing landscape, digital and mobile tools have empowered buyers like never before to go hands-on in the real estate process—and allowed agents to adapt in doing business better, smarter and more authentically. Content reigns as currency in real estate and, when used effectively, the strategy behind it can build lasting, meaningful relationships.

    When Antonio, a recent buyer in Pelham, began his search, he was already working with an agent, but wasn't quite getting the experience he wanted. A self-described "obsessive" who commits to as much research as possible, he began to explore his options, spending many late nights searching social media content and around the web. One agent's content in particular stood out, who he found on Facebook and Instagram. That agent was Marina Kolmer, an agent at our New Rochelle brokerage.

    "Her pictures alone spoke a thousand words," Antonio remarked. "Her professionalism was immediately clear just through the quality of listing images, the thought behind what she wrote, her perfect grammar—it was obvious she was very particular."

    Marina was no stranger to content. A veteran of entertainment PR, she knew its value and committed early to social media in her business development strategy.

    "I don't want to blast listings out all day, every day," Marina shared. "I like to space out homes with looks around town, local lifestyles, my perspective on it all.  Being sold to all the time can be overwhelming, I didn't appreciate it and I didn't think my followers would either."

    Antonio sent her a private message and, after a prompt response, was soon making arrangements to go out looking at houses. Of the several leads on agents he'd gathered from online reviews, asking friends and family, and his own research, Marina prevailed and,  ultimately, helped Antonio and his family find the home in Pelham they'd be looking for. He's since referred his brother to Marina, who is also actively looking to purchase.


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