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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    London: A Destination for Luxury Buyers

    [caption id="attachment_3651" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Mayfair's Nick Churton and Anthony Cutugno"][/caption]

    A global hub for luxury real estate, London is home to one of our premier European affiliates, Mayfair International Realty. Recently I was pleased to attend Mayfair's annual conference, held at the Royal Air Force Club in fashionable Piccadilly, where over 350 luxury brokers, representing some of the highest priced properties in the UK and Europe, got together to discuss the state of the business in their respective markets.

    Outlook 2011: A Stabilized Luxury Market in the UK and Europe

    Spurred by reports of several high-end sales in London and Europe,  Nick Churton, Managing Director of Mayfair International Realty, reported on the improved outlook for next year especially for properties that are properly priced. Similar to the market conditions we see here in the New York area, European luxury properties priced for today's marketplace are seeing activity while overpriced properties continue to languish. Whether you are in London or Paris or Bedford or Rye, homebuyers in every price range want a "deal" and pricing  will continue to be the driving force in today's marketplace.

    Marketing in the International Domain

    It was a valuable experience to hear from these leading international brokers first-hand and a great chance to introduce our important estate properties to this esteemed group. Members particularly enjoyed hearing about Devonshire in Bedford Corners , named for the famed aristocratic clan, the dukes of Devonshire and their  ancestral seat, Chatsworth House in Britain. More and more , our international outreach and affiliation with the world's leading experts in real estate  is critical to our success in the marketing of  our local estate properties,  where buyers can come from anywhere in the world.