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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    Could New York City’s suburbs experience an increase in population much like they did by the 1980s? The New York Times makes a pretty good argument in favor of the “flight to suburbia,” or an exodus from an urban center to a more rural setting.

    With a population close to 1.6 million, which doubles during the week due to commuters, Amy O’Leary reports that many Manhattanites are wondering how much more their 34-square mile island can take. “By 2030, [New York’s Department of City Planning] expect(s) Manhattan will have 220,000 to 290,000 new residents—roughly one new neighbor for every six current residents.” This would ultimately result in more residential infrastructure.

    Although this may help to increase affordability and wouldn’t affect anyone’s standard of living, O’Leary does predict problems with the city’s management of power flow, garbage disposal, sewage control and access to transportation. Despite the fact that any growing city has to grapple with its growing population density, there are three solutions for those who want to live in a more open environment while maintaining their proximity to New York City.

    Meet Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties. Each area offers its own distinct uniqueness, but all three exude suburban and rural appeal.

    Westchester, which sits just on the brink of city life, is a vibrant community that cherishes all things local—a stone’s throw away from New York City, its residents still enjoy the outdoor environment with the Hudson River and Long Island Shore at their fingertips.

    “Where the country begins,” Putnam County sits just 50 miles above New York City. The quiet communities of the six towns and three villages that comprise Putnam enjoy the luxury of calling the Hudson Valley its home. It epitomizes the dynamic of suburban and rural life.

    Nestled in between the Hudson River and the state of Connecticut, Dutchess contains unparalleled views of rolling hills and beautiful farmland. Don’t let its rural appearance fool you, however—its townships and villages are bustling business centers and an easy trip down the Taconic State Parkway brings you right into New York City.

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