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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    Au contraire to a certain amphibious Henson character, it's actually quite easy being green, at least if you're a house. While the color for some conjures painful memories of Carter-era lime carpets, with the right interior design decisions green can prove a pleasant and versatile tone. In color psychology, its various hues are said to convey a calming effect, health and good fortune. Lighter shades like seafoam were popularized everywhere from solitary workplaces like railroad cabooses to coastal retreats to foster relaxation, while the richness of darker varietals like Hunter, Olive and Forest had their moment defining the quintessence of luxury. Since it seemed fitting to seek out some of our favorite spaces in the color for the the greenest day of the year (Earth Day coming in close second), we looked to our listings:

    CHAPPAQUA | 275 Bedford Road | $6,200,000
    This Chappaqua kitchen would be incredible in any color, but we couldn't imagine it any other way. Eclectic cabinetry juxtaposes wide-plank dark flooring, copper spotlights and umber to craft a rustic matte palette with absolute perfection, opening towards a bright atrium dining area with floor-to-high-ceiling windows. The walls and ceiling introduce a second, lighter shade of green, a classic example of "color layering" techniques heralded by interior designers use to add depth and contrast.

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    HUGHSONVILLE | 280 Wheeler Hill Road | $2,900,000
    In the Hudson Valley, a bright wave of green breathes refreshing creative energy through the noble walls of a stately 1863 riverfront Greek Revival, adding a certain element of surprise upon passing through its stately columned entrance. It's splashed in the front foyer, living room and to a more conservative extent in the kitchen, highlighting an otherwise imposing home to make it approachable, welcoming and downright hip.

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    GREENWICH | 60 West Brother Drive | $6,195,000
    Green doesn't have to be the center of attention. Adjusting to a more subtle and neutralizing role, it can complement monochromatic neighbors with a graceful confidence, leading to elegant results ideal for bringing modern sensibilities to the interiors of a renovated pre-war Tudor. Our only question: Is the shade in the bedroom below calming enough to save a sheep or two from jumping over the fence?

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    SCARSDALE | 2 Morris Lane | $5,750,000
    There's nothing wrong with inviting green to the party without being the main event. For this striking Scarsdale modernist, it's all in the trim, adding tasteful accents while still making meaningful conversation. The perks of being a wallflower.

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    LARCHMONT | 2 Oak Bluff Avenue | $3,199,000
    This chamber of magnificence is a standout feature in an already-outstanding coastal residence, built in 1883 for a member of Larchmont Manor's founding family. Barreled ceilings, alabaster light fixtures and fine period moldings pair as perfectly with the natural light and water views as this shade of green does, dropping a perfect canvas behind a melange of modern furnishings and timeless accents. A winter porch-style family room (below) adds more casual execution of the color.

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