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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    Green and clean is certainly a catchphrase heard 'round the world in today's day and age. Who doesn't want to be kind to the environment and save money on utility bills at the same time?

    According to Wikipedia, geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. During the heating cycle, a geothermal heat pump extracts heat from the ground and is then distributed through a conventional duct system to provide heat. It can also be used to heat a radiant floor system.

    In the cooling mode everything is reversed. Instead of pulling the heat from the ground it extracts it from the air and moves it back into the ground thus creating cool, conditioned air throughout the house.

    [caption id="attachment_7232" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Geothermal Energy System at 15 Nichris Lane, Hyde Park"][/caption]

    I recently visited a home for sale in Hyde Park, NY. The owner guided me through the many benefits of the home and focused primarily on the home's geothermal heating and cooling system. There are many benefits to having a geothermal system like this, first being the "green" aspect. Anything that lightens the load on the environment is a positive, right? Then there is the cost savings on utility bills which can be tremendous.

    In doing my research, I learned that geothermal heat pumps use 25 to 50 percent less electricity than conventional systems. This particular house is also complimented by a solar system, as well. Finally, I'm told a system like this runs clean - creating virtually no dust throughout the house.

    [caption id="attachment_7235" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Full view of 15 Nichris Lane, Hyde Park, NY"]15 Nichris Lane solar panels[/caption]

    A geothermal heating and cooling system can be seen as an investment... an investment for the future in more ways than one.

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