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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    With the advent of tremendous interest in locavore lifestyles and sustainably-sourced cuisine, Millbrook agents Bill Bonecutter and Ann Dyal created Farm To Table Talk, a public radio program educating and advocating artisan enterprise and mindful “agri-ventures” north of New York City.

    Presented by Bill Bonecutter Ann Dyal

    Two friends in Millbrook joined together to purvey fresh gourmet fare drawn from local producers in the Hudson Valley

    It all began with the seemingly simple question that rarely is: "What do we do with our lives?" For Beth Daidone and Buffy Arbogast, the answer wasn't immediately creating the go-to cafe in picturesque Millbrook, an upscale Dutchess County community known for its rolling foothills, equestrian subculture and sprawling Southampton-scale 19th century estates.

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    Beth, a Brooklyn native and graduate of Vassar College with a degree in biology, was pursuing a career as an environmental biologist until her epicuriosity incited a sharp reroute into kitchens in London and Glasgow. It was here she first discovered the philosophy of "slow food" and quickly embraced the European lifestyle of shopping daily farmer's markets and preparing daily menus accordingly. Buffy was a born-and-bred Texan whose lifelong love of cooking led her to attend the Culinary Institute of America, by then having already worked with Fairmont hotels and owned her own catering company. She eschewed several opportunities presented to her on a corporate level in favor of another approach to cuisine: interacting face-to-face with local farmers to source quality ingredients and showcase the local bounty.

    Arbogast (left) and Daidone (right)

    The duo first met serving stints at the Tinhorn restaurant in Millbrook and quickly concluded they had much in common. Their talent, ideals and philosophy culminated in the establishment of Babette's Kitchen, where locals come to not only enjoy locavore dining, sipping specialty coffee and catching up with friends, but take in the simply good vibes of this welcoming cafe supporting community agriculture.

    Listen below to learn more about Babette's Kitchen as Ann and Bill chat with Beth and Buffy, recorded right at the cafe.

    Visit Babette's Kitchen at 3293 Franklin Avenue—across the block from our Millbrook brokerage

    Farm to Table Talk airs Mon-Weds-Fri at 12:30pm and Sunday at 8:00am on Pawling Public Radio