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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    We've been walloped by winter weather warnings here in greater Gotham these past few weeks (most of which were comfortingly #uneventful). Thanks to today's technology putting our entire desks practically in our pockets, working from home has never been an easier alternative to braving the briny byways of the New York metropolitan area as Mother Nature spills the proverbial powdered sugar at a celestial pancake breakfast over our morning commutes. From flickering fireplaces to full walls of glass, here are some of our favorite workspaces to get snowed into this season:

    BRONXVILLE | 28 Valley Road
    Constructed from imported salvage of antiquity shipped by the container load from France, it's hard to believe "Le Capucine" was built anew in 2013. The architectural tour de force is borderline surreal, reached via a single-lane brick road winding its way up Sunset Hill from the village not unlike San Francisco's famed Lombard Street. Within walls of stone from an 18th century Bourgogne convent hides this swoon-worthy library, where natural light and crackling logs conspire to create a space for warmth and concentration. Beamed ceilings soar over antique limestone floors to round out its authentic Chateau sensibilities.

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    WACCABUC | 118 East Ridge Road
    Directly across from Waccabuc County Club's 16th hole just a few doors down from where Marilyn Monroe wed playwright Arthur Miller, this demure wood-paneled den woos with a carved antique mantelpiece, crowning a deep herringbone brick hearth.

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    ARMONK | 14-16 Cole Drive
    We'd expect nothing less in the 1905 estate of award-winning journalist Richard Harding Davis, who likely put in long hours of intense fireside wordsmithing in his grand Westchester estate. Davis, an honorary member of Teddy Roosevelt's "Rough Riders" (the two were personal friends) known for his war correspondence and groundbreaking work with Harper's Weekly, chose an idyllic 11-acre site for his home that includes waterfalls, dramatic rock outcroppings and stately English gardens.

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    CHAPPAQUA | 48 Haights Cross Road
    It seems more rooms at Rosewood have fireplaces than don't, but its two-story galleried library is certainly one of the most spectacular. A secret panel, disguised by bookcase, opens to reveal a spiral staircase to the upstairs desk area, which thanks to thermodynamics remains plenty toasty from rising heat despite its indirectly-fireside location. While the Georgian manse, set on 86 acres of prime Westchester real estate, captures the proportions and grandeur of a gilded age industrialist's mansion, it's as contemporary as they come, designed by Manhattan architect Boris Baranovich in 2004.

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