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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    In our September 16th edition of our e-newsletter, Real Estate Market Intelligence, we distributed an article entitled "New Ways to Use Less Energy at Home" that was originally published in the Wall Street Journal.
    The Wall Street Journal article discussed the relative benefits of using fiberglass insulation vs. cellulose insulation. As we all know, there are two sides to every story. One of our readers, Richard Cherry, President of Community Environmental Center, sent us a compelling argument for using cellulose over fiberglass. You can read his side of the story here in an article titled Cellulose: Greening NYC’s Insulation Practices.
    We'd like to thank Richard for bringing us his point of view. We always welcome an open dialogue on articles appearing in our newsletter. If you have a question or comment on an article we'd like to hear from you.