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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    Clear Out Clutter: Clutter is considered low and stagnant, constantly draining energy from you. Positive flowing energy is disrupted by clutter, so let’s get it out of your home. Turn on some music and take on one room at a time so you do not overwhelm yourself. Once you are finished the positive energy will be able to flow freely throughout your home.

    Air and Light: Quality air flow and smart lighting in your home are the basics of good feng shui. Make sure your windows are clean and open to let the fresh air and natural light into your home. Florescent bulbs are too harsh for the home. Soft lights create positive energy, think of using bulbs with a soft pink tint to them, incandescent bulbs and full-spectrum bulbs are also good. Lighting should come from various levels, dimmers are great for creating the perfect amount of light you need.


    Plants and Water: Keeping plants in the home is an important part of feng shui. Plants emit positive energy and cleanse the air; they contribute to the positive flow of chi throughout your home. Make sure to never keep dying or dead plants in the home. Water is one of the five feng shui elements. A great way to incorporate it into your home is with a fountain or aquarium.

    Fix What is Broken: Everything should work as it is designed to in your home. This is very important in feng shui and keeping a good chi and flow throughout your home. Go thru each room and identify what is leaking, clogged, broken or stuck. Then repair what you can, remove what you cannot and replace what you need to.

    Color: The 5 elements in feng shui are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Color can bring the desired feng shui energy into your home to create balance in your living space. Each element is represented by specific colors.

    • Wood: Green and Brown. Wood represents expansion, creativity and new beginnings
    • Fire: Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple and Pink. Fire represents high energy levels, passion and transformation
    • Earth: Light Yellow, Sandy Tones, Light Brown. Earth represents stability, nourishment and support
    • Metal: White and Gray. Metal represents mental strength, influences intelligence, focus and clarity.
    • Water: Blue and Black. Water represents release and renewal, inspiration, relaxation and flow.

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