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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    With the advent of tremendous interest in locavore lifestyles and sustainably-sourced cuisine, Millbrook agents Bill Bonecutter and Ann Dyal created Farm To Table Talk, a public radio program educating and advocating artisan enterprise and mindful “agri-ventures” north of New York City.

    Presented by Bill Bonecutter Ann Dyal

    A successful food entrepreneur and talented innovator takes her passion for food, farmers and the Hudson Valley to found a movement that teaches us the true meaning of farm to table.


    Edick cuts the ribbon for Empire Farm, FarmOn's Columbia County home, joined by supporters
    including legendary California chef and pioneering locavore Alice Waters (Chez Panisse).

    Tessa Edick's legacy in the food movement began in upstate New York, where she grew up surrounded by farms in "agricultural heaven." Her mother and grandmother, both wonderful cooks,  placed great importance on using seasonal produce and fed their families with that principle in mind. Tessa learned early on the joy of cooking and the connection of fresh produce, good nutrition and delicious food. She left her rural surroundings as farms began to disappear—agriculture moved to the supermarket—and sought the city to begin her career. With childhood lessons ingrained, she started a food company utilizing fresh produce and became very successful. Her network soon included celebrity chefs and internationally renowned food personalities. It was then that she realized that all of the accolades were being paid to the chefs and not to those who devoted their lives to produce the food bringing such acclaim.

    Left to right: Chef David Burke, former NBA athlete Eric Williams and Chef Frank Weber are among
    many notable supporters of Farm On and its meaningful mission to close the gap between farm and fork.

    Edick's Farm On Foundation and its "Friends of the Farmer" festival was created to bring country and and city folks together to experience shopping local, celebrating not only the romance of the movement but emphasize the importance of keeping family farms alive and preserving sustainable agriculture. The Copake, NY, resident is truly a champion of the farmer and a driving force in the movement striving to educate us as a nation and change the way we view farming and the way we eat.

    Listen below to hear how her story and her message go to the heart of the farm to table movement here in the Hudson Valley:

    Farm to Table Talk airs Mon-Weds-Fri at 12:30pm and Sunday at 8:00am on Pawling Public Radio

    Read Tessa's new book, Hudson Valley Food & Farming: Why Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell Me That?
    Join FarmOn in Rhinebeck on 3/1 for a Sunday Supper at Terrapin