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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    In an area as steeped in natural beauty as ours, it's hard not to embrace Earth Day. In the spirit of the occasion, we looked for listings from coast to coast (or should we say banks to shore?) in our communities north of NYC that were standout stewards of the environment. Here are some of the highlights:

    SCARSDALE | 27 Murray Hill Road
    When thinking of a "green" home, you probably picture something more glassy and modern than a traditional brick-clad Colonial. Don't let its looks fool you: Beneath the timeless tenets of this Scarsdale new construction were meticulous eco-friendly considerations, some of which we frankly didn't know existed. Walls of energy-efficient windows frame interiors are wrapped with recycled denim insulation and floored with formaldehyde-free hardwood. Cabinetry is absent of chemicals and toxic glues, and VOC-free paints and primers are used throughout. The garage boasts a built-in electric car charging port, along with a specially-engineered ventilation system to direct benzene and carbon monoxide away from the home; a soil vapor mitigation apparatus also prevents potential earthbound contaminants, like rising radon gas, from the home. See more

    NEW CANAAN | 432 Frogtown Road
    Before buzzwords like "green" and "sustainable" became engrained into the millennial cultural zeitgeist, Frank Lloyd Wright pursued a principle he called "Usonia," a new vision for urbanism that rejected all prior conventions for a new idyll where development embraced the natural context of its surrounding landscape. As Wright's final residential commission, "Tirranna," named for an aboriginal word meaning "running water," represents the pinnacle of these virtues. The h0me utilizes native materials, efficient radiant heating and a balance of cantilevers and clerestories for passive cooling, heat and light. See more

    GOLDEN'S BRIDGE | Falcon Ridge
    Boniello Development, among Northern Westchester's premier builders, was a pioneer in being one of the area's first to offer geothermal as a standard equipment option on their custom-built homes. Their latest neighborhood, Falcon Ridge, is no exception. The community is sited on 95 acres divided by 11 2-to-7-acre home sites, framed by 40 acres of surrounding nature preserve. Adding to the draw, it's convenient to Metro North electric train service (Golden's Bridge is one of the northernmost stops before diesel territory), along with plentiful shopping and dining options throughout Katonah, Lewisboro and North Salem. See more

    PLEASANTVILLE | 2 Orchard Brook Drive
    In the late 1940s, architects Aaron Resnick and David Henken wrangled their mentor to craft an entire community of progressive, organic homes on a large tract of land in the Westchester town of Mount Pleasant. That man was Frank Lloyd Wright, who for years had dreamed of doing just that. Accordingly named "Usonia," the now-landmarked historic district is composed of 44 homes such as Tamlyn House (1953), a rare offering in a community of passionate homeowners well-known for its low turnover. While only three of the neighborhood's homes were designed by the master himself, the enclave still compensates for the fact Joe Eichler only built three homes in New York before moving west. See more