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    North of NYC North of NYC By Houlihan Lawrence By Houlihan Lawrence by

    The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is truer than ever now with over 87 percent of buyers beginning their home searches online. Presenting your home to potential buyers using great photography can provide an advantage over other properties that have not done so.Preparing your home for photography

    There are endless tips on the Internet, and here are just a few to consider when getting photos taken of your home for sale.

    Many of the photographers I’ve spoken to mention how important it is for the home to be ready when they arrive.

    For interior images:

    Light – Good lighting is a critical element in photography. Open all the blinds and drapes to let natural light in. Cleaning windows and mirrors will add more light and sparkle to your rooms. Turn on lights and lamps. Replace all burnt out bulbs.

    Clutter – Show off your home not your possessions. Remove all personal items and keep clutter to a minimum. Pack what you don’t use and store what you do in a cupboard or closet. Clean off your desk and counters. File your papers and bills. Organize and straighten up your closets and shelves. Your moving anyway so now is a great time to purge unwanted items.

    Clean – Vacuum, clean and mop all floors. Wash and put away all dishes in the sink and dish drain.  Remove soap, sponges and towels. Polish faucets and fixtures. Make sure all the beds are made and bedside tables are free of personal items and clutter.

    For exterior images:

    Move all vehicles, trash cans, toys and hoses out of the area to be photographed.
    Clear all debris and leaf litter from your front walk and entryway.
    Mow and rake your lawn. Trim hedges and spruce up your shrubbery.
    Have a great view or unique feature? Make sure you get a photo of it.
    Photograph cleaned, uncovered pools with umbrellas opened and toys removed.

    The best photography focuses on the details of the house not the contents. A bit of work in preparation before photos are taken will help showcase your property in its' best light.